Studio Series Bumblebee

I like this guy. He reminds me of a better time. A time when we only had one Michael Bay movie, and it was alright. And early reviews of this figure whinged about quality issues and bits falling off during transformation. But you know what? He’s alright. Cracking sculpt, great paint apps, top alt mode, and looks like he walked away from a scrap with Barricade in 2007.

I just wish the movie Bumblebee design didn’t have a ballgag for a mouth.

Prime Cliffjumper

I had the First Edition Zombie version – who’s not without his own faults. I wish I could smush him together with this guy and make the perfect Cliffjumper toy. The only thing I’d change on this guy would be the height, and the weird arms. But I love the alt mode, the head, the feet, and the chest details. And I’m always a big fan of shoulder wheels. He’s missing his original gun/hammer thing, so I’ve equipped him with the axes that came with the deluxe-upscaled-legion Smokescreen (which I think were used again for Movie Advanced Starscream).

Age of Extinction Hound

I got him as a present from a very good friend, but that’s not the only reason I’ve kept him. He might not been screen-accurate, but he’s a great fun action figure. Fun articulation, and tons of guns. And a knife.

I tried the TLK version – and yeah, he’s more screen-accurate, but his face is WAY TOO BIG, his feet are, despite being clever, a bit shit, and his guns are too thick and simplified. The AoE one is my favourite. I’d quite like a black repaint. And a blue one. Maybe a red one too.

Hunt for the Decepticons Seaspray

This is a standout figure from an excellent line which delivered some classics. An incredible-looking hoverboat (I forget the technical term) which turns into an incredible-looking nautical warrior, complete with scuba mask and fold-out flipper feet. He also integrates with the HFTD Breacher scout figure, but pretty much any scout class figure can sit on his back in alt mode. I maintain that he’s the Aquaman of Transformers and needs a huge trident accessory. No missiles or launchers, so he’s currently borrowing weapons from various figures.

Classics Ultra Magnus

Another figure I’ve owned before and re-bought because the allure was too strong. I prefer this one to the Optimus version because the white colours bring out the sculpting details. Plus, in my collection he’s not really Ultra Magnus. I was tempted to just buy several of them and make them troopers pf some sort. But then I realised I barely get time to take photos or write blogs, let alone actually play with my toys like the manchild that I am. He’s missing his weapons, so I used some from the spares box. Dashing.

Dark of the Moon Cyberfire Bumblebee

The complete flood of Bumblebee toys does have one benefit – the black repaints. The original movie 07 Camaro had that lovely stealth repaint, Prime Bumblebee had that excellent dark grey repaint, Beast Hunters Bumblebee was a stunning black Mad Max road warrior, and RID Bumblebee had a lovely Takara black repaint with a red sword. And then we have my favourite; lovingly dubbed Murderbee by his fans and victims, he is nightmare fuel incarnate. An already quite-good deluxe Bumblebee for DOTM becomes an utterly terrifying, electrifying figure with cracking sculpt, Terminator eyes and a lovely paint job. He doesn’t need weapons – he will eat your soul.

War for Cybertron Siege Hound

On my first go with Siege before selling them all in a fit of stupidity, I didn’t really bond with Hound. The altmode wouldn’t stay together, his legs seemed too short, and his head wouldn’t move. Second time around, I really like him a lot. The head does move, the altmode works properly, and the legs don’t bother me as much. He’s a fun little figure with lots to enjoy. I don’t think he’s the definitive ‘CHUG’ Hound like Siege Sideswipe and Optimus Prime could be, but he’s still an impressive take on our favourite Earth-lover.

War for Cybertron Siege Starscream

I wasn’t sure about this guy for a long time. In the perennial fashion of ‘they don’t look great in pics, but in hand you’re always proven wrong’, once I got my mitts on him, I fell in love. I don’t need Earth-based altmodes, and the tetrajet is wonderful, even if it looks like the Viper from Battlestar Galactica. The one blaster is a bit loose on my version but I usually just put the guns on the forearms anyway. I’ll be getting Thundercracker too, and let’s see if the UK manages to get Skywarp.

I still can’t decide if his design is a bit too busy, but I think overall it works. And the articulation on this figure is fantastic considering how much is going on with the design and engineering. We’re very lucky people.

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