Hunt for the Decepticons Seaspray

This is a standout figure from an excellent line which delivered some classics. An incredible-looking hoverboat (I forget the technical term) which turns into an incredible-looking nautical warrior, complete with scuba mask and fold-out flipper feet. He also integrates with the HFTD Breacher scout figure, but pretty much any scout class figure can sit on […]

Dark of the Moon Cyberfire Bumblebee

The complete flood of Bumblebee toys does have one benefit – the black repaints. The original movie 07 Camaro had that lovely stealth repaint, Prime Bumblebee had that excellent dark grey repaint, Beast Hunters Bumblebee was a stunning black Mad Max road warrior, and RID Bumblebee had a lovely Takara black repaint with a red […]

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